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Retailers are confronted with the societal trend that customers are becoming more individualistic. It is no longer possible to divide shoppers in a small number easy to target  groups like 'family', 'student', 'single' or divisions alike. Point of sale data may be gathered, in combination with data resulting from loyalty card programs, and may give a partial answer. There is a definite need to be able to more closely track the shopper while he is in the process of purchasing goods.

To track shoppers,  solutions with and without specific hardware are possible. MagnaView cooperates with selected partners that offer hardware RFID-solutions. RFID tags are mounted on shopping carts, and measurements take place for a certain period. Next, the data is processed, resulting in a large array of readily available analyses within days. Moreover ad hoc analyses can easily be made.

Besides, MagnaView also offers a solution which uses selfscan data, and uses no additional hardware. Paths of shoppers are computed from the data on scans of articles by the customers. No installation of hardware in the shop is necessary, making this solutions less costly than solutions that require hardware.

Albert Heijn is the leading supermarket chain in the Netherlands. Getronics Pink Roccade and MagnaView are jointly involved in a program which combines the vast experience of Getronics in retail with the capabilities of MagnaView to make 'visual sense' or large datasets. In the partnership, Getronics is responsible for hardware installation, and MagnaView has created a standard analysis package which turns the data into a rich set of analyses that can be used by architects, marketeers, for shop lay out, etc.

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